My 5 part organizing Methodology

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There are as many ways to organize as there are organizers.  The trick is to find that organizer who is compatible with you. The way I organize is as holistic as is appropriate for each client and project. Each of these steps is designed to build on the part before.  Hopefully this helps you envision what a session with me will look like.

1) Know where you’re going.

This means that both my client and I know where we are going and that we are going there together.  We have the same goals and direction.  During my assessment of all my new projects, I take notes, listen and notice what is going on both verbally and non-verbally.  I am focusing on the client, what their frustrations are and what problems they need solved.  This doesn’t always get said clearly.  Often, a throw away comment will stick with me. When I get home and start writing the assessment, that comment will come back to me and I will realize the importance of it within the context of the client’s goals.

2) Strategize Your Actions

What is the actual plan?  We can talk goals and dreams but without a real plan and strategy to get there the goals are meaningless.  In my assessment I lay out what the goals are and then a step by step guide to get us to that goal.  I send this to all my clients before our first work session so that they can read it and have the time to agree or disagree with me. Often the client and I will assess the project at the end of each session to make sure we are on track with our goals.

3) Transfer of Skills

Part of my job as an organizer is to help my client develop as many organizational skills as they want. I let them know why I am choosing to do what I am doing, whether it is putting all the canned goods together or labeling a file with a certain name.  Organizing and system setup happens together.  The client and I discuss the benefits and reasons so when the job is finished they understand the reasoning behind the systems we have set up.

4) Customize Your Environment

Of course, setting up systems that don’t make sense for a client is setting them up for failure.    Setting up systems that work for each individual is a task we accomplish as we organize your space.  We keep in mind what you need, want and enjoy and make sure the systems reflect your preferences, habits and goals.

5) Master Your Psychology

Why are you disorganized?  It could be your job is overwhelming and you are exhausted by days end.  It might be that you grew up in a disorganized home and don’t know how to organize.  It could be growing up with a fear of lack so you feel everything has a use, even if it is “someday”.  This is a sensitive topic and it is something I leave up to each client to tackle. Whatever the reason, we can choose to look at the reasons and understand what is so you can move beyond it.

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