Rebuilding Together San Francisco

I am participating in a new volunteer project this year.  Rebuilding Together San Francisco.
“Rebuilding Together San Francisco provides free repair and renovation programs for low-income, elderly and disabled San Franciscans and for nonprofit and community facilities. Our programs address basic living, life event and quality of life needs of homeowners and the people served by the facilities with which we work. The work we do creates safer environments and makes it possible for people to live independently for a longer time in their own homes.”  (From website –
I did my first site visit last week, meeting with the homeowner as well as 5 others leading the project.
What makes this so exciting to me is that RTSF is consciencly working with Professional Organizers, to make the project scope encompass a larger portion of each home/community center.  I am going to help put together a kitchen after receiving new cabinets as well as reorganize a bedroom and a living room.  Including  the work of professional organizers will round out the services RTSF offers.

I am so excited to be working with them, they have been enormously supportive!
I will keep you posted on all our progress leading up to April 30th, the official rebuilding day.

Fun note:  RTSF started in 1989, in response to the Loma Prieta Earthquake.

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