The top reasons professional organizers are hired were: too much clutter, general disorganization, difficulty determining what to keep and/or discard, difficulty finding things, selling a home or moving.
NAPO Membership Survey: 06/30/2009

A 2008 NAPO Survey of 400 consumers nationwide showed that 65 percent of respondents noted that their household was at least moderately disorganized, 71 percent said their quality of life would improve if they were better organized and 96 percent of respondents indicated that they could save time every day by becoming more organized. Of those, 15 percent of respondents felt they could save more than an hour each day — for a total of more than 15 days per year — if they were more organized at home and 30 percent of respondents felt they could save at least 30 minutes each day — or more than an entire week per year — if they were more organized at home.
NAPO Get Organized Month Survey (of 400 Consumers Nationwide): 11/01/2009

These statistics demonstrate what I can help you accomplish! It is also about creating space for new things to come into your life. More productivity at home or work. Saving money by knowing what you have and where it is. Less stress for greater calm and serenity.

What would it feel like if you always knew where your keys, checkbook, or that important file was?


Why the name Ripple Effect?
I know that organizing one small space in your home will have positive effects that will ripple out to the rest of your life.  I know because I have seen it happen again and again!

How should I prepare for my initial consultation?
You don’t have to anything!  Remember, The Professional Organizer wants to see your space as it is in its  natural state.  Please resist the urge to make it look more “presentable."  You will be asked questions such as, what is working? and, what is not working?  Keep an open and positive attitude and we will get the results that you need.

Do you have standard systems of organizing that I have to use?
No.  Each person has a unique personality, and as such, each person will also have a unique way to be organized that makes sense to them.

Will I have to buy expensive products?
No.  Ripple Effect prefers to sort and purge first and then see what will be needed.  More often than not, the client has more than enough organizational tools, thus saving a trip to the store!

Can you help me find the right furniture or products for my space?
Yes.  We work this out on an individual basis.

How involved will I be in the process?
This depends on each project.  Ripple Effect is able to do straight forward organizing, such as kitchen cupboards and closets, with some guidance from the client in the beginning.  Then, if the client prefers, they can do other projects or work while Ripple Effect finishes organizing.

If the project involves decision making about getting rid of things, the client needs to be there to make those decisions.  Ripple Effect will NEVER throw something away without the express permission of the client!

How long will it take?
It depends on each project.  The easier it is for you to make decisions on what to keep/throw out/donate, the faster it will go.

How do you charge for your services?
Ripple Effect charges by the hour.  Please see my services page for the most current rates.

What is your cancellation policy?
Ripple Effect Personal Organizing prides itself on respecting our clients' time.  Should we ever need to reschedule an appointment with less than 24 hours notice you will receive one additional hour for professional organizing services at no charge.  Similarly, we request that you provide a minimum of 24 hours when rescheduling an appointment.  If you need to reschedule with less than 24 hours notice there will be a $30 fee.

How are confidentiality and privacy handled?
Ripple Effect abides by the ethics of NAPO confidentiality practices. Ripple Effect may use your story to demonstrate success and/or possibilities, but will never use your name or identifying features without your permission.

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