Is this you?

  • Too busy to create any sort of system to keep your possessions under control?
  • Even if you have time, you don’t know where to start and get overwhelmed when you try?
  • A senior trying to find ways to stay at home for as long as you can?

This is me:

  • Non-judgemental focus on what it is you need and want to accomplish.
  • Asking questions to create the right systems so you find what you need and use what you have.
  • Expert simplifier so you can live in your home and remain independent.


Emily Vander Tuin

Hello, my name is Emily Vander Tuin, and I’m a Professional Organizer working in the San Francisco Bay Area. I specialize in Chronic Disorganization, Seniors Aging in Place and Emergency Preparedness

Why do I organize?

I love working to help you create the space you need and want for a better life,  while reflecting just who you are.  You are comfortable, more productive and have clarity. Giving you a home that provides support, clarity, strength and freedom is my mission.

How do I do this?

A FREE 20 minute phone call starts the process: 510.703.1093

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