Top Organizing Myths: Part 2

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MYTH 1: Organizing is a one shot deal.

This is a really hopeful myth. But sadly, so untrue. If you organize your garage and a year later you look at it again and it’s a mess you might say this organizing thing is a load of you know what. So, you think, perhaps your garage will just always be dis-organized? No. It’s just that you need to maintain it.

We need to understand why something becomes disorganized. A few useful questions you can ask yourself: Have your hobbies changed? Has someone moved in or out of your home? Is everything you do important and necessary to you?  Does what you do each day reflect your life goals?

Part of the overwhelming nature of our lives is sometimes your household just has too much information coming in and it is hard and unrewarding to maintain when, each week, piles of store magazines, credit card offers etc. come in.  You can stop this.  Here are 3 sites to stop the mail that never gets opened anyway.


MYTH 2: I’ll make you get rid of all your stuff.

Who has watched the show, Hoarders? You see the client and often they are angry, overwhelmed. Things are going too fast. They feel out of control. At the end of the show, there is the update of the current state of the home. Often, the house is in the same state or worse than before the show was filmed. Even though I don’t work with hoarders, this principle still stands. I won’t make you get rid of something you are not ready to get rid of. I will challenge you. I will ask you questions concerning its role in your life and if it matches your current goals and lifestyle.

For instance, I have a client who was an avid scuba diver 10 years ago. After talking about it, it was clear being a scuba diver was still a really big part of her identity and she was not ready to donate her scuba stuff. We’ve had a conversation about it and we’ve set it aside (for now) so she has time to reassess that part of her identity.

I hope this gives you more patience for yourself!

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