Once you are capable of touching the water, you will not mind the coming and going of the waves.                   – Thich Nhat Hanh



I’d love to share with you my philosophy on organizing. I believe that organizing is an art form. It is about realizing and allowing constructive energy to flow in your life. I chose the name Ripple Effect because I have seen how organizing a small physical space can impact emotional and spiritual life.

I work with a balance of zen principles and everyday practicality; creating something that feels good and is easy for you to maintain. I want my clients to feel like they can be organized and maintain that organization in their lives. I am passionate about the effects that organization can have on people’s peace of mind, energy, creativity, clarity and productivity.

I am also committed to working with my clients' individual needs and styles.

Because of my work as a manager and general manager for The Parkway Speakeasy Theater for 11 years, and working with a diverse group of people, I had the opportunity to organize events, employees, the office, and other managers. Working with a team is something I learned well and something I loved.

More recently, I've been continuing my education through the Institute for Challenging Disorganization. I've learned that working with Seniors wanting to age in place and the chronically disorganized are my favorite clients! I've earned a certificate of study in Understanding the needs of the Aging and a certificate of study in Chronic Disorgorganization. I continue to study through the institute, earning higher levels of expertise.

All of these experiences have required me to understand  wide ranges of needs. I can now bring these skills to you as an organizer, creating a positive experience for you and your space.

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