I hired Emily to prepare 4 earthquake kits for me. One for my home, one for my office, one for my car and one for my ex-husband. She was wonderful. She created an amazingly through kit, with no effort on my part.  She was easy to work with and made the whole process non-tedious for me! It was just great and I feel so much better knowing I am well prepared.

Dr. Julie Orman, Albany


Emily changed my life! I never thought I could be so passionate about organization, until Emily. Her eye for detail, her ability to understand what I needed for success, her balance between calm and down to business work ethic, her creativity, humor and confidence. All of these dynamic qualities have given me the office space of my dreams.

As a certain “Artistic type” I have spent my life looking for things. My father even called me “miss-placed” when I was younger, because I was always losing things.

Emily has helped me put my life in order, but keep the creative feeling of my space alive, so I feel alive! I am getting more work done then ever before, have more peace of mind and am finding things quicker than ever. I cannot recommend Emily’s services enough. Thank you Emily!

Jane Shelby


Emily was a lifesaver in moving from my home of fifteen years to a new place.  About a month before the move she came in full of energy and ideas to first sort through what I should keep and discard, then helped me organize what was left.  Suddenly, I was able to find things quickly….saving time and energy.  She has clever ideas on maximizing storage and how to organize a move….along with a clear decision process on what to keep and discard.  She also brings lots of tips and even researched issues that she observed (for example, how to trim and move different kinds of house plants).  Emily also helped set up my new place and so I am looking forward to a more organized life!

Paul M., San Francisco


Emily made sense of my messy garage! She pulled everything out and packed it up so everything was in the right place with the right labels. She was great to work with, had lots of energy and made great suggestions about where things should go. I will hire her again!

Anne R., San Leandro


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