•     Working with Seniors
    • Certificate of Study in Needs of the Aging
  •     Working with the Chronically Disorganized
    • Certificate of Study in Chronic Disorganization
  •     Office organizing
  •     Unpack and organize new home
  •      Kitchen Organizing
  •      Downsizing/simplifying
  •      De-Cluttering
  •      Emergency Preparedness –   More details below                            


  •    20 minute phone consultation: FREE
  •    Initial project assessment: $150 (free when a 12 hour package is purchased).
  •    Hourly rate: $75. Great for folks who don't want to commit to an on-going project.   
  •    8 hour package: $520 ($65/hour). Usually done in 2- 4 hour meetings. One carload of donations dropped off included!
  •    12 hour package: $660 ($55/hour)
  •    On-going maintenance rate: $45/hour
  •    Gift certificates available


In-home project assessment followed up by a detailed written assessment including what problems you need help with and possible solutions I can offer.

  •     1.5 hours together on-site
  •     Touring your home (project areas)
  •     Discussing your vision and goals
  •     Developing an action plan for each project

The first visit is an important step, because it allows both of us time to get to know one another and lets me discover how you think and process so I can tailor solutions that truly fit your needs and personality.


I am a  C.O.R.E. (Communities of Oakland Responding to Emergencies) graduate.  Completion of this class has meant about 15 hours of classroom instruction as well as a full 6 hour hands-on training exercise with the Oakland Fire Department and EMT's.  I also happen to think this kind of thing is really fun and so spend lots of time on-line looking at all the emergency preparedness websites, putting them on my resource page so you may benefit from all my time.

Basic Emergency Preparedness Package: Get Started Right:     Do you need to just get started but don't really know where?  Do you have emergency supplies and don't really remember what you have, where everything is or if it is still any good?  With this package I will help you assess exactly what you have, what you need to buy and where it all should go. You will be well on your way to being ready for anything.


This includes:
Meeting to assess and gather current supplies available.                                                   Creation of Shopping list.                                                                                                                  Identify kit locations.                                                                                                                           1 – 15 minute follow up phone call

The Next Step in Emergency Preparedness Package:
Do you have some readiness supplies and now are ready to feel like you and your family are knowledgable about staying safe in a disaster?


This includes:
all items from "Get Started Right" package                                                                                                                                                            Private, in home class for you and your family in which you will be taught:
Location of your water/gas/electrical shutoffs are and why and how to safely turn them off.
Communication after a disaster
Understanding evacuation options                                                                                         Keeping vital documents safe and accessible

Ready for anything package: 

You know you need to get ready but you just don't have the time or interest.  That's OK!  I will do it all for you.

$647 + cost of supplies

This includes:                                                                                                                                Everything from the "Next Step" Package

PLUS: shopping for kit items needed and delivery and distribution.


    FREE BONUS with the "Ready for Anything" package

replenish/replace email reminder. (2x a year for one year)
I will Send you an email reminding you what needs to be replaced/checked and where it is stored.
example: change water, rotate emergency food into pantry and put new replacement into disaster kit. Replace batteries.                                                                                                                                                         Keep your vital records safe and accessible!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         To order a portavault please click:

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