Organizing after a loved ones death

My Grandfather died a few years ago and my family was fortunate enough that every single child and grandchild was able to attend the service in South Dakota.
His wife, my grandmother, had decided to move to an assisted living home after his death. The house was already sold so our family needed to remove everything my
grandmother didn’t want in just a couple of days.
I think it was my mom (although I could be wrong here) who suggested we hold a sort of private auction for the remaining items in my grandparents home.
How it worked was each person was given a set of different colored stickers.  Every child and grandchild would walk around the house, open drawers and closets and put a
sticker on any item they wanted.  If more than one sticker ended up an item, an auction was held.  Each person trying to outbid the other for what they wanted.
I think it lead to the most expensive coo coo clock ever!
When each person was done they would look at each item, decide on the value, and put the total amount of cash in a coffee can.  The cash, of course, went to my grandmother.
This afternoon will be remembered by me as a sweet end to 2 lives with the incredible benefit of getting to reminisce with one of them.  My cousins and I would laugh, be puzzled, be shocked and wonder at the things my grandparents had saved in the 60+ years they were married.  There was such sweetness because my grandmother was able to sit in the middle of it all and tell us about the items we brought to her attention.  She was also able to laugh, be puzzled and be shocked at the things we chose to keep in the family!
I am proud that each member of my family was able to participate in a day full of generosity, memories and laughter.

Grandma's Knome


Cracker Jack Prizes
Two of the items I chose are pictured here.  A little garden knome and some cracker jack prizes from the 1950’s (I am told) that I framed.  Some of my favorite art in my home!

How have you been able to make a transition in your life with some grace and laughter?  

There are never enough ideas!

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