Here is a list of websites that I have used and found very helpful.  I will continue to add to this list as I find them! -  you just plug in your zip code or your city and state, what you need to recycle, and viola!  you have a list of centers to choose from. -  I got this cloth for Christmas from my mom.  It is amazing!  I have used it to clean my mirrored closet doors as well as wash the inside and outside of my car – including the windows.  No streaking and no chemicals needed for this cloth to do its work, so after I washed my car, I just threw the water away in the grass. This cloth can be washed and reused again and again… Huge value!  Thanks Mom. Answers all those hard questions you ask yourself… Are expiration dates set in stone?  Will this spice still spice up my life…after 5 years?  How do I ripen my watermelon?  Can I freeze eggs?   Any food question will be answered here! -  A website with, as of now, only one Oakland location, which makes it the perfect resource IF you live close.   The website  tells you the varied hazardous waste you can bring to them.  Pretty much anything you can think up!  Free except for things like microwaves ($5) and Refrigerators (about $40). - a national site that provides cheap moving boxes that are delivered to your door.  Love that! 

Mail Reduction

DMAchoice – – free service

catalogchoice – – free service

Opt Out – – subscription

Disaster Readiness

Here are some websites that will give you great information to help you prepare for a disaster.

Documents - This keeps all your vital documents in place, safe and accessible during and after a disaster.


Fire Extinguishers – This page tells you about the the safety ratings of extinguishers and what all those letters and numbers mean.  May be a little too much information for some but I love to know what things mean!  Especially things I am using.

Water Storage - You can get food grade plastic containers in various sizes.


For "Do-it-yourselfers" – Get easy to manage to do lists and more. – A local company (which I love)! Get everything you need, including pre-packaged kits and 5 year water. 

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