Package Features:

  • On-site assessment analyzing your needs, vision, and concerns.
  • Evaluate, adjust, and define your work stations.
  • Pantry clean-out and organization.
  • Expert implementation.
  • Transfer of simple tips to maintain organization.

Package Benefits:
Cook with confidence! Your pantry is:

  • fresh
  • orderly
  • ready for use
  • easily accessible
  • cleans up quick

Includes: 1 phone call to answer follow-up questions.



Package Features:

  • Evaluate files and adjust.
  • Clear off desk(s).
  • Organize all shelves.
  • Evaluate all old paperwork and shred/recycle when necessary.
  • Evaluate flow of all workstations and adjust if necessary.
  • Remove every pile of paper.
  • Create systems for paperwork flow.

Package Benefits:

  • Find any piece of paper in 5 seconds or less.
  • Work on long term projects with confidence.
  • Stop worrying about things falling through the cracks.

Includes: 1 phone call to answer follow-up questions.


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